To commemorate World Malaria Day 2017, Publix Pharmaceuticals Nigeria has introduced into the market a new anti malaria drug that is an Artemisinin Combination Therapy,   ACT, formulation known as Publitem 80/480 tablets and suspension.

The new product which contains Artemether and Lumefantrin is formulated in convenient dosing for adults and children.

Speaking during the launch in Lagos, the Chairman of the Company, Mr. Frank Owelle said the product introduced to ensure that people live a healthy life free from malaria attacks.

“As part of our commitment to the fight against malaria epidemic in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, we are introducing our brand of top range high quality WHOrecomended ACT formulation 80/480 Publitem tablets.

“The tablet shape and size make it most suitabl for patients’ compliance. The flavoured suspension is a children’s delight. With the introduction, Publix is set to take the battle against malaria further and collaborate with all stakeholders in the fight against this recalcitrant scourge. 

“Publitem is manufactured by Astamed Healthcare Ltd, in a state of the art, WHO GMP manufacturing facility based in India under the approval and license of Publix Healthcare, the UK partner of Publix Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited. “

He announced that a reasonable quantity of Publitem 80/480 will be donated to General Hospitals in Lagos, Anambra and Kano states as part of their commitment to eradicating malaria.

Source: Hot Post